Protective coatings against erosion, corrosion, cavitation, mechanical damage

The coating of polyurethane with a cartouche – KRYPTONIT HD EASY

Easy-to-use two-component coating


Inexpensive and rapid repair
So far, there were no systems available in easy-coating 2-component, which would be commonly used during maintenance and repair work on ships, pipelines, and steel structures. Our company offers technology for layering 2-component and sets new standards.

KRYPTONIT HD EASY coating system not only helps to implement, difficult repair work, but also saves time and money. Innovative methods of applying coatings, KRYPTONIT HD EASY with innovative technology of two-component cartridges and innovative way designed spray application, are an alternative to expensive and complex equipment spray - aggregates.

Applying coatings using aggregates has many drawbacks. The spray material is available only in large containers - barrels. For heating the material must be used every time a lot of energy and time. . Moreover, there is the potential for considerable loss resulting from the residue material in the open tray and hoses. You can also omit the costs of washing aggregates after use.

Technologies using cartridges give convincing returns.

DSC03325 Cartouche with polyurethane

Proper hardening of the material occurs only after the merger of the two ingredients in the right proportion. Due to the short curing time must be mixed directly prior to application. The whole mixing process takes place in a static mixer attached to the cartridge. The ingredients are uniformly fed - pushed by pistons which operates a pneumatic cylinder located in the gun. The mixed components at the end of the mixer are sprayed through a nozzle fed with compressed air. Followed by atomization of the material. Yes sprayed material is applied to the surface to be protected.

The Kryptonite Easy is easy to use and requires reduced to a minimum service. The advantages of systems with cartouches include:

Mobility - systems are suitable for use wherever they are needed, for example on pipelines, or aboard ships.
Storage security - cartridges are exceptionally durable and have the ability to re-close.
Automatic mixing of components - ensures a much more balanced behavior relative proportions, and the immutability of the process each time.
Material savings - during the use of depleted is the perfect amount of product as needed.
Accurate dosing - the layers are steadily applied coating of constant thickness by minimizing losses.

The overall system consists of the following elements:
DSC03324 spray gun

The gun is ideal for any use

Polyurethane spraying gun

Complementing cartridges and mixers are new guns. Typical applications of these systems is the application of two-component layers to repair pipelines, shipbuilding, steel construction, on the surfaces of cargo vehicles and railroad cars and wind power, chute, pumps, vibratory feeders.

The offered system only needs a compressed air hose with compressed air ensures easy access to all of the coated surface is not limited typical cables, or other snakes.

Systems based on cartridges offering reduced overall costs and higher mobility sprayer. With oferowanemu system Kryptonite EASY, low-effort, cost and maintenance-free devices dispensing two-component coating technique entered in the nineteenth century.

Properties of the coating KRYPTONIT HD
hardness wg. Shore’a 85 – 95A
thickness 1 – 5mm
stretch 315%
abrasion (according. DIN 53516 , 10N) 51mm3
operating temperature 60/120 st.C (environment wet / dry)
Color - available colors red, black, blue, yellow, green, gray
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