Protective coatings against erosion, corrosion, cavitation, mechanical damage

Casting machine for high performance polyurethane coatings - KRYPTONIT PROCESSOR


Spray systems high performance
Our spray PROCESSOR unit was built to bridge the gap between the gun with a cartouche and a high-pressure unit which is a very expensive device. The advantage of our unit is light weight and small size as well as the power needed to power. Compared with high-pressure devices that consume several kilowatts of electricity per hour, our machine is more mobile, economical and practical.

High performance, low price ...
Our device is a low pressure operation requires less power, is less by about half, and its weight is less than for a high-pressure units. Lightweight, portable design allows for easy transfer of our unit in the workplace. This means that you can run them with a shorter cable. Our PROCESSOR has an adjustable mixing ratio of the material, allowing you to process a variety of products, has an additional drain valves at the bottom of the tanks in order to reduce the loss of material. The material is poured straight from the barrels to two trays unit from where it is fed to the gun - eliminating the costs associated with packaging (cartridges).

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